Trees are an essential component of our environment and provide countless number of benefits to the ecosystem. They take care of all living beings and the ecosystem by continually refining our environment. It is not even possible to think of a sustainable earth, devoid of trees. Regular pruning is an important aspect of promoting and maintaining healthy trees and shrubs. By pruning your trees you can maintain desired shape and size, more flowering, increase of foliage density, and can prevent property damage or injuries. Also, by improving fertilization, your trees and shrubs are getting all of the nutrition they require to thrive. General upkeep of trees, especially when they are young, helps promote healthy trees with good branch structure. Trees growing in landscape environments have a lot more room to grow up towards the sunlight. Therefore, these trees can develop large; low branches and spread out to form much broader trees than they would in their own natural habitat. This difference in branch structure should be offset with pruning to minimize development of hazardous limbs that could fail. If you take a tree out of the forest and put it in a landscape environment, this part of the ecosystem is usually interrupted.

Continuous upkeep of our trees can definitely make an impact on our everyday life. For every income spent on maintaining trees, the public receives good worth of benefits. Mature trees can improve our aesthetic neighbourhood, absorb noise, reduce stress and crime, and create a calm, serene environment to relax in or socialize in. A single large tree can release up to 400 gallons of water into the atmosphere every day. Tree foliage filters dust and can help remove toxic pollutants from the atmosphere. The foliage captures and removes a wide range of smog-producing compounds such as ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, airborne ammonia and some sulphur dioxide. Large trees remove 60-70 times more pollution than small trees. Landscape trees, which act as wind breaks and sunscreens, can help you save money and live more comfortably. With properly placed trees around your house, depending upon where you live, you can reduce winter heating bills up to 15%. Trees and shrubs also improve property value by 10-20%. Almost every city in our country has recorded a drop in the number of trees along its streets due to development, pollution, disease and neglect.

Trees give a free and selfless service to cleanse the environment like a mother takes care of her offspring. Trees clean the air by freeing life-sustaining Oxygen, and taking in unwanted Carbon Dioxide and other Greenhouse gases from the environment by a chemical process called photosynthesis. This process not only makes our environment healthier but also creates raw food.The roots of trees hold the soil and check soil erosion, that is, deletion of the top and fertile layer of soil due to factors like water flow, wind etc. Trees also give natural protection to the wildlife. Trees are also capable of attracting rain. Moreover, trees also regulate the Earth’s temperature. Thus, it is pretty evident that devoid of trees, life is not feasible. Although it is an offence to cut down a tree devoid of any suitable reason, in a situation where a tree is in a dangerous condition and has a likelihood to harm people or cause major property damage, it is perfectly legal. If you are troubled with a tree you must call tree service providers for their specialist opinion.

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