A variety of house building products are available to the house owners, nowadays. It becomes really difficult to choose among them. Due to their cost effectiveness, stucco and siding still remain the primary choices for general house builders. Both of them possess certain pros and cons and here we would be discussing their detailed and comparative features to enable the reader to decide the best option for his home.

Stucco is basically a mixture of lime, sand and water, which is used as a coating on walls and ceilings. But, sometimes Portland cement as well as other synthetic products like, acrylic and glass fibers are also added to the traditional stucco mixture in order to increase durability, flexibility, water resistance and other desirable properties. It is strong, involves minimal maintenance and can be practically installed on almost all wall surfaces.

Siding, basically is the outer covering of a house, for shedding water, protecting the building from weather effects and also, adding an aesthetic value to the whole house. Siding is generally formed of horizontal or vertical boards or sheets made up of wood, metal or plastic(vinyl).

Wood siding involves simple installation and a versatile style but, it is also associated with high maintenance like, protection from ants and termites, heavy humid conditions etc. Galvanized metal sheets or corrugated aluminium cladding are also popular due to their high strength, fire resistance, resistance to pests and bugs and minimal maintenance cost. But, they also include poor insulation and heavy installation. Plastic or, vinyl siding composed of poly vinyl chloride(PVC), perfectly fits the bill and hence, is the most popular siding at present. It is available in long thin planks, which are installed in overlapping rows covering the external walls of the house. It is lightweight, easy to install, moisture resistant and requires a minimal maintenance.

There is always a tough choice between stucco and vinyl siding. stucco installation is pretty easy but, proper mixing of the stucco and making the walls water proof to prevent any moisture damage, involves some expertise and technique. On the contrary, vinyl siding is self installed, but, it lacks the durability and weather resistance as stucco. During wind or heavy blows, vinyl siding may get cracked or dislodged. Also, during heavy winter, it may actually freeze and crack. But, even during the period of intense heat and sun stucco maintains a cool ambiance inside the house.

Regarding the cost issue, vinyl siding remains one of the least expensive choices.

But again, stucco provides a better aesthetic and naturalistic appeal. vinyl siding provides a wide range of colors and styling and often gives a manufactured clean look to the house. So, it completely depends on the homeowner and his preferences regarding the house.

Finally, as far as maintenance is concerned, nothing can beat vinyl siding. There is simply no rotting or discoloring whereas due to the high porous nature of stucco, it is susceptible to stains and holes. These holes need urgent attention otherwise, may lead to moisture absorption and wall damage.

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