There are two main things to remember about cleaning tile floors:

1. Do regular maintenance cleaning and
2. Wipe spills as soon as they happen. This rule goes for all types of floor tiles.

Though various types of floor tiles require different methods of cleaning, the above rule applies to all. This is because heeding this rule avoids further damage to the floor. Maintenance cleaning avoids buildup of germs and dirt on the floor making it unnecessary for high chemical-containing products to be used.

Same goes with wiping; it is easier to remove the spills when they are still fresh so it is better to always have a dry cloth or wet or dry vacuum cleaner at hand anytime just in case the need arises.

Cleaning tile floors is easy although bathroom tiles are a different story because they generally get dirty so much easier especially on the grout because of the accrual of shampoo, water and soap residues. To remedy this, you may soak paper towels in a bowl of vinegar and apply them on the tiles, leaving them there for about 3 hours. Remove the towel and rinse well. Now repeat the same step using a bowl of bleach, this is to whiten the tiles. Afterwards, remove the towels also and rinse completely.

For marble tiles, warm water is all you need while ceramic tiles can use a solution of water, ammonia and borax. With these ingredients, soak a micro-fiber mop wring well and then apply on the floor. A sponge mop is not advisable for ceramic tiles because it can bring dirt on the grout.

Cleaning tile floors can be fun and less tiring if you don’t let your floor get too dirty to require more time, money and effort. Just imagine that you are having a regular exercise when performing maintenance cleaning and you will surely enjoy a clean dwelling place.

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