When you are considering how to finish the outside of your house, you may want to consider the advantages of stucco versus vinyl siding. While the first one certainly is an attractive finish for your home, it does require maintenance and repair, while the second one is virtually carefree. Frequently the choice of whether to maintain an old stucco finish or simply cover it with vinyl siding simply depends on how much maintenance the old stucco finish needs.

Understanding Stucco

Even though stucco does require maintenance, there are some advantages to having a stucco finish on your home. First of all it is attractive and durable. A stucco finish on your home gives it a very distinctive style. It is resilient, and even though it may need maintenance, it is generally pretty low maintenance. Stucco also helps to insulate your home making it more energy efficient. Many areas of the country prefer stucco homes, and having a real stucco home adds resale value to your house. Some stucco is applied using a concrete mixture over a wood or wire lath. It is first coated with an acrylic polymer making it weather resistant, and it helps to minimize cracking in the stucco. There are also new materials that are used in construction today where a Styrofoam based stucco product is sprayed onto a fiberglass mesh and foam board creating stucco panels. This newer stucco costs more than the original concrete stucco, but it has superior insulation qualities.

All About Vinyl Siding

As you are considering which product will best suit your home, remember that vinyl siding has some good qualities of its own. It is almost maintenance free, and it comes in a huge array of colors. It is not painted; instead the color goes all the way through the siding. Newer versions of vinyl siding are much improved over its predecessors in that modern siding has better color, and it is more durable and flexible. This home finish is extremely weather resistant, and it does not rust, crack or deteriorate. An occasional hose washing is pretty much the only maintenance that it requires, and many people consider it one of the best home finishes available.

Which is Best?

As you are considering which finish is right for our home, you may want to remember that while vinyl siding is virtually care free, the original concrete stucco is far less expensive to apply. However, when you compare your costs over the years and factor in maintenance costs, then vinyl siding may not actually be more expensive at all. Finding a contractor to install vinyl siding will be easier than finding one to install stucco, but regular stucco does add a warmth, style and charm to a home that you just do not get with vinyl siding. So if you have a stucco home, and you are trying to decide if you should repair it or simply cover it with vinyl siding, unless it has a lot of extensive damage, the most economical solution will be to repair it.

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