When was the last time you checked your roof? If you were like everyone else, you would not have gone up and do actual inspection and repair until such time that water starts dripping from your ceiling. Roofing work is expensive and the condition of the roof should always require a thorough examination of a roof inspector.

Frequent roof inspection is an effective means in maintaining your roof. Your house roof will only last so long that once it begins to leak, you might become a victim of flooding and other related problems. Since prevention is always better than cure, have your roof inspected at least twice per year and every after a major storm.

A comprehensive roof examination should be conducted by an experienced roof inspector or a licensed home inspector. A roof inspector walks on the roof and conducts visual examination of all its aspects, both interior and exterior. If you have a steep roof or covering made of fragile slate or cedar shakes, the inspector should still closely examine the condition of your roofing and avoid using binoculars from the ground.

Among the first to be examined by an assessor include the chimneys, gutters, dormers, pipe vents, and crickets. Roof surfacing material is also closely inspected. After the exterior is examined, a roofing inspection from inside the structure is also undertaken. The home inspector checks the condition of the sheathing, interior chimney surfaces, roof braces, fasteners, and support materials. Assessors also inspect roofs for brittleness and surface deterioration in the case of old roofs.

Aside from regular home-care maintenance, people employ roof inspectors when they are buying a house and want to check out if everything is in proper condition before pushing through with the deal. Roofs are checked to identify signs of deterioration, to find out if the roofing structure is functioning properly, and to spot if any repairs are necessary. It also easily addresses common roof problems like blistering due to trapped vapor, open laps around flashing because of poor adhesives, exposed nail heads, loose flashing, and dark patches (for shingles).

If you are buying or selling your house, you should consult a home inspector. For buyers, hiring a home inspector helps in bargaining with the seller regarding the price of the property, especially if there are major faults found on the said house. For the seller, assessing the condition of the house gives them a chance to have it repaired before putting the house on sale. In San Diego, inspectors offer comprehensive property inspection handled by experienced and licensed professionals.

For those who are on the business of rental property, before you actually buy units for rent, you may want to find a home and roof assessor and have the house checked professionally.

A home inspection can cost be costly and will take three to five hours for the entire process depending on the size of the house. Make sure to schedule your roof maintenance before water starts dripping from your ceiling.

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