New vinyl replacement windows with Superspacer technology offer the highest energy efficiency, best value for the money and are proven to last for the life of the home.

EnergyStar window ratings are becoming more stringent in 2014. Be sure to choose a company that qualifies for this new standard. Nearly 50% of window companies today will not qualify for the 2014 standards. This is especially important for homes on the FirstEnergy power grid as they are offering a $50 credit per window for EnergyStar qualified windows. Cheaper, even though new, replacement windows that are not EnergyStar qualified do not receive this benefit. In addition, the Federal government has re-instituted the energy tax credits (up to $200) for windows qualified as EnergyStar.

Be careful to choose a replacement windows company in your area that offers spacer systems featuring Superspacer technology. Most windows use a form of a metal space that can seal failure in as little as three years. Windows featuring the Superspacer have been tested by the National Fenestration Rating Council to last well beyond the life of the home and offer the best value for the money. They will continue to perform where windows with common metal spacers do not.

Also consider the total window warranty. Most big box, big brand companies offer a limited lifetime warranty that covers the glass for 20 years, materials for 10 years and labor for two years. That is not “lifetime.” And some warranties are pro-rated and are not transferable. Be careful. There are replacement window companies that do offer true lifetime warranties that cover the glass, all materials and labor for as long as the original owner owns the home, and are completely transferable are not pro-rated. Be sure to ask before choosing a company-especially with windows using a metal spacer that can fail in as little as three years. In addition, make sure the company that is putting them in is stable. The warranty will be useless if the company goes out of business.

There are several ways you can locate a reputable replacement window company in your area, from doing a web search to opening up the yellow pages. One fun way is to visit a Home and Garden Show in your area. These shows are likely to have several replacement window companies represented, and you will be sure to have easy access to all the crucial information needed when making a decision to purchase replacement windows for your home.

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