Metal sheds, and sheds of every kind need a solid foundation. If you want a great building to last a fraction of the time that is should, don’t take time to prepare your site first. Even pre-assembled sheds with built in bottoms need a firm and level place to sit.

First: Notice where the water runs after a rainstorm. Include in your evaluation the direction of downspouts and gutters on your home. A good hard rain can leave an area under water. Choose a place where the water does not stand or puddle.

Next: Rake the shed site clean. Ideally the site should be level. If not you may have to in list the help of a backhoe.

After the site is level gravel should be laid. Raked to about a consistent depth of 2″ is good. Also consider extending the gravel for at least 12″ past the edge of the shed foundation. This helps to encourage water to run away from the building.

If planning to pour a cement pad, still utilize the 12″ wide gravel around the edge of the foundation. But the gravel should be increased to 4″ deep for the pad. Some times anchor bolts are also sunk into the cement when it is poured. Then when the shed it built it is anchored to the exposed bolt ends. This makes for a very stable building.

Finally: Build your shed or have it delivered.

Whatever our shed type, a good foundation will ensure a longer life for it.

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