Are the stairs for your patio deck suffering from wear and tear, and maybe even becoming dangerous, causing you to stumble and even fall? Maybe you are thinking about replacing your damaged patio deck stairs, but are put off by the cost of hiring a professional carpenter to do it. By doing the work yourself, you can save yourself a lot of money, and it isn’t actually as hard as you might think.

All you need to do to build a set of stylish, sturdy stairs yourself is to acquire some basic carpentry skills. This will also mean that you can build stairs to your own design and therefore have them just as you want them, rather than having to follow someone else’s ideas. All you have to have is the right plan, some tools and a little guidance.

For any job to be successful, planning is important, and making stairs for your patio deck is no exception to this rule. So have a careful look for the best design for your space, to suit your patio deck and which will be robust. Have a proper plan worked out in your mind, and make up a blueprint for the whole process. This will make the entire building job much easier to carry out. Below is a process you can follow to help you to create this plan.

1) Position:

The first thing to do is to decide exactly where you are going to place your stairs. Think carefully about this, because the location is important. You don’t want the stairs to be placed where they are in the way of where people usually walk, so try to find a spot around your patio deck which is not normally used.

2) Step width:

When deciding how wide your steps should be, take into consideration the amount of traffic the stairs will need to carry. If your family is large, then make the steps wide enough for two people to walk side by side on them.

3) Number of steps:

This is a more complicated decision, because your steps need to be evenly spaced. Measure the overall height of the stairs, and work it out mathematically. For example, if the height is 48 inches, then you could have eight steps, with a six inch gap between them.

4) Space between steps:

This is another important decision, because it will impact on people’s comfort when they walk up and down your stairs. Smaller spacing makes for smoother movement up or down, but it can make stumbling more of a hazard.

These are the main considerations which will help in planning and building your own useful, sturdy and stylish stairs for patio decks. You can improve still further on the appearance of your patio deck stairs by making additions such as attractive railings, or by painting them.

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