Building a home is not just about constructing the house’s physical structure. Landscape design – arranging the outdoor space around a home – is also important for the home to be a pleasant place inside and out. In landscaping, there are a lot of outdoor elements to consider. These elements are not only aesthetic in nature but functional as well: The climate, the position of the house relative to the sun, the types of plants and trees that thrive in the local climate, ground cover and paving, waterscapes, and placement of electrical and water lines. There is also the landscaping budget to consider, as well as the homeowner’s ability to care for the plants.

Careful planning is thus crucial to landscape design. Before construction begins, the homeowner must already have a detailed landscape plan that incorporates all of the outdoor elements, as well as the homeowner’s own vision and requirements: If the area gets a lot of sun, trees can be placed in strategic areas to lend shade. If the homeowner does not have a lot of time to care for plants, he or she can select hardier plants that do not need a lot of attention. If the homeowner wants a water feature, he or she must plan for space, water circulation and fish for ponds.

Landscape planning also involves executing the elements of the landscape design in the proper sequence. Trouble can be detected before construction begins. If any of the elements do not work, they can be changed or removed. This can save the homeowner a lot of money and headaches later on. With careful planning, landscaping can enhance the beauty of a home, making it an inviting and enjoyable place to live in.

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