These days, misting systems are getting more popular than ever. There are two kinds of mist system designs that are sold in the market these days. The first type uses a high pressure pump to send the water out through pipes and tubing unto the nozzle to jet out a fine mist of cool, evaporated water. A high pressure mist system would typically lower the ambient air temperature up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The other common type of misting system utilizes household water pressure to send out water through the nozzle. Before, this kind of mist system does not jet out fine water droplets. However, improvements have been made and this system is now able to send out fine mists of water and lower the surrounding air temperature between 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

A type of these systems has been around since the early 1900s. Today, they are used for several different purposes.

Patio Misting System: One of the most favorite family activities during the hot summer months is to hang out of the patio. Most patio systems these days use high pressure pumps that jets out fine mist that cools the air around the patio and improves the atmosphere around the patio.

Greenhouse System: Controlling humidity and temperature is a bane for most greenhouse operators. If humidity is not maintained properly, a plant’s growth may be impeded. With a good misting system, a greenhouse can maintain optimal humidity and temperature, which will ensure that greenhouse plants will grow healthier.

Insect Control System: The outdoor is home to numerous bugs, such as, mosquitoes. It is also the place where your kids want to play during summer. Fortunately, insect control mist systems are available in the market these days. Most of these systems use environmentally friendly and natural insecticides (like pyrethrum) and spray it over the yard or the area where you want your kids to enjoy playing.

Dog Kennel System: Your dog is part of your family. So it is really frustrating to see your dog suffer during blazing hot summer days. Dogs do not have an efficient method of handling heat stress. There are instances when dog owners went out for shopping and return after an hour or so to see that their dog has died from heat stroke in the kennel. Many dog owners do not want this to happen to their dogs. So a cooling system for a kennel is really a good investment for dog lovers. Most kennel misting systems are easy to set up-you can just attach it to a garden hose near the kennel and you got your dog basking comfortably amid the sun and cool mist jetting out from the mist system.

There are many other uses of misting systems. If you want to buy a mist system for a particular application, then you can just browse the Web. There are many sites that offer great bargains for various types of mist systems. These sites normally specify the specifics of the mist system and feature pictures or videos how these mist systems are used.

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