Hot tub pumps come in many different varieties and configurations. Most manufacturers source their pumps from pump manufacturers such as Waterway, Aquaflo, Laing or other pump brands. This means if a hot tub replacement pump is required, they can easily be sourced locally or online with no need to get the part from the actual spa manufacturer who also just bought the pump from a third party manufacturer.

Brand name pumps come with a quality expectation. If an off-brand pump is sourced, make sure it has been thoroughly tested under actual load condition to assure it works properly as pumps are heavy and costly to ship.

Having a pump repaired makes sense if the pump is relatively new, but if the pump is over a few years old, it is almost always advisable to replace the pump especially considering some of the great deals available online for new spa pumps which sometime include free shipping.

Parts within the pump that can go bad are seals, bearings, starter capacitor, gasket, impeller or damage to the actual pump motor. Hot tub use by itself is not taxing at all for pumps that are designed to operate much longer than they typically do in an installation.

The problems with hot tub pumps are mainly caused by inappropriate power supply hookup, faulty wiring, lighting strike or other power surge and leaks caused by improper water chemistry.

How can water that is not cared for cause a pump to fail? By allowing the PH level of the water to get too low or too high, all kinds of conditions are created that are not friendly to rubber parts, pump seals and gaskets. The premature wear of these items can lead to a leak which in turn can also lead to a short circuit. Pump problems cannot be generalized as there are many different possible sources to the problem.

If the pump wiring is not done correctly, a short circuit may cause the spa power breaker to trip. The method many spa service companies use to troubleshoot a tripping breaker is to isolate the component that is causing the problem. This is done by unplugging most of the components from the spa pack and observing the behavior of the spa on power up. The service technician then plugs in the spa components such as the ozone generator, pumps, light, blower and other items one by one. If the breaker trips then the faulty component is found and can be analyzed further for repair or replacement.

Hot tub pumps are one of the most expensive components in a spa, but with online shopping and specialist outfits that have thousands of hot tub parts available for immediate shipment, Canada’s The Hot Tub Superstore is one online store that offers pumps at deep discounts and with free shipping.

Getting free shipping on a heavy pump that could cost over $100 just for transport can put a smile back on any hot tub owner’s face who needs to replace their spa pump. As always, hot tub pump repairs should be made by qualified personnel to avoid injury. If your local spa service company charges too much for the part, you can weigh the option of sourcing the part online yourself and having a local electrician or handyman install it for you. Hot tub pump replacement is usually done in about 10-15 minutes.

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