Do you have a lot of things that need storage in your garage? You could easily create more space above the garage door by:

a. Building a storage bunker above the door
b. Or buying a good quality one from the local hardware shop.

In this article I will show how to build your very own storage bunker and have some excellent storage space to store all those things that you don’t use in the house any longer.

Storing Bikes:
Buy two very sturdy hooks from the local shop. Measure the bikes you have from the two points between the wheels, and mark a space on the wall with a pencil. Then install the two hooks on the beam above and hang the bike by its wheels on the hooks. If the bike is really big then use a block and tackle to set up a hoist system. Then hoist the bikes up to the ceiling, and finally wrap the rope around the cleat hook.

Storing Kayaks:
The same method used for large bikes can be used to store canoes, kayaks also. Be sure to attach the kayak firmly before hoisting it up. Using two block and tackle simultaneously will stop the kayak from swinging around while in storage.

The you could always have storing boxes by creating a large suspended platform that will hang from the beams of your garage ceiling. Use 2 x 6 beams to make a platform frame, and then create a floor with a the nailed down chipboard or similar material. The use some slotted steel irons to attach the platform to the roof. This will for keeping heavy objects out of the way.

But before you go ahead and do anything if you are not such an expert then make sure you consult either an expert in the local hardware store or some one who is a professional and can give you some practical hints and tips. But whatever you make sure that when install a new garage over head storage system that you make a good job of it so it can last for years to come.

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