If you have a garage and a car then you probably have a driveway as well. Naturally, if you have a fence structure around your property you will also need a fence gate and a driveway gate. Why is this? This is because a fence gate is only big enough to let one or two individuals pass through. You cannot fit a car through a fence gate that is why you need driveway gates.

Just because you need this type of entrance, does not mean you can just pick any gate and install it on your driveway. Obviously, there are also things that must be considered.

If space permits then a slide driveway gate comes highly recommended. Why is it recommended? One is because it lasts longer than other swing gate type. The even weight distribution of the entrance structure keeps if from sagging thus enabling it to last longer.

A slide driveway gate maximizes the efficiency of your safety devices because it eliminates all the dead zones, which are common if you are using a swing gate. Dead zones are areas that are not covered by safety devices like video cameras.

Are there other types of driveway gates?

Yes. Other than the slide gate other types include swing gates, retractable slide gates, and even overhead driveway gates.

What are the materials used in manufacturing these gates?

Several materials are used to manufacture these gates. You can choose to use wood particularly Redwood since this is stronger, lighter and weather resistant, vinyl, or wrought iron. However, when it comes to gate frames steel is highly recommended because this is more durable and is capable of holding the whole structure up. Moreover, if you want something stronger and more durable than steel then you can opt to use stainless steel for the gate frame, but this can be more expensive.

Installing a driveway gate can be challenge. Therefore, if you do not have the capacity to install it on your own do not hesitate to hire a contractor.

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