Decks & porches – the most notorious and most difficult things to keep painted and looking nice at your home. Deck paints are ‘semi transparent,’ ultra high performance products that protect, seal and give color to the deck, but won’t peel or lift. The semi-transparency of the coating allows the wood to ‘breathe,’ and allows the coating to stay on. Decks should NOT be painted with an opaque (solid color). This type of paint ‘seals’ the wood completely, which is the worse thing to do. Wood, like people, needs to ‘breathe.’ The reason for this is that the standing water on the horizontal surfaces and the extensive expansion and contraction of the surfaces cause the paint to peel up from the moisture and temperature changes. Continued re-painting will not solve the problem. The only proper way to paint a previously painted deck is to remove any prior paint. To easily remove paint, use the special deck stripper, and then power wash it to remove any residual paint. Sanding may also be required to remove any residual paint.

New surfaces and smooth plane wood must be sanded first to remove any ‘mill glaze’. Weathered wood must be sanded to remove any loose fibers or splintered areas. Previously stained surfaces should be power washed and sanded. Seal down any large ‘splinter wood’ with the deck glue that seals down any raised or splintered wood pieces back where they belong. A coat of semi-transparent stain can be a great way to spruce up a wooden deck. It lets you add some color to the wood without hiding its grain or texture. When it comes to painting your deck, you have plenty of options. Choose the type of coating that meets your needs best and go for it.

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